Planning For A Holiday In Greece

The country of Greece has a long and rich history of culture and values. Not only is it the country that had first developed and fostered the Olympic games, but also from the very beginning it had philosophy, art, drama and science mixed into its very core. Even today these very elements thrive in the culture and values of the people of Greece, making them unique to the world. No … [..more]

Loutro In Crete, Greece

Loutro lies on the south coast of Chania Prefecture in west Crete, between Chora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli, the exit to the Samaria Gorge. The whole area is known as Sfakia and the inhabitants, the Sfakians, are fierce, proud mountain dwellers. They have taken part in every struggle against the foreign invaders of Crete, whether Venetian, Turkish or German.

Loutro is a small place but it too has a rich … [..more]

Guide To The Perfect Greek Vacation

The drama and art that has surrounded Greece persists today. The culture and values of its people are amazing to interact with. Over 15 million tourists are drawn to the country every year. When going on holiday in Greece, youll find that a good chunk of the important attractions are in Athens but the countryside and outlying islands offer as much satisfaction. In this article are the top sights and … [..more]

Get a cheap hotel in Greece

From the adventure lover to the historically inclined tourist, everyone has something to do in Greece. It has places that are frozen in a different time zone altogether. At the same time, it has places that have the exuberance and the vibrancy of today.

In simple words, Greece is the ultimate tourist destination. And it is also one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world.

If you … [..more]

Piraeus – The Port of Ancient Athens

Piraeus, also known as Peiraeus or Pireas, is a city located in the prefecture of Attica, towards the southern side of Athens. This city’s main attraction is based on the fact that in ancient Greece, it was used as Athens’ main port, and therefore it played a very important role in the city’s life.

Besides than being the port of ancient Athens, Piraeus has been also named port of modern … [..more]