A Top Kenya Safari Lodge In Meru National Park

As a Top Kenya Safari Lodge to stay in on your in Kenya Safari you need look no further than Leopard Rock Lodge in the Meru National Park, one of the last great wilderness places in Kenya.

This is a Park you can’t afford to miss even although it is a good eight hours away by car from Nairobi, though pretty quick by aeroplane!! A Kenya Safari Holiday shouldn’t be all about having to put up with basic accommodation when you can have luxury even if it comes at a price.

Leopard Rock Lodge is quite unique in that it is where George and Joy Adamson set up their camp, and where they got their famous baby lioness Elsa. Leopard Rock Lodge is unfenced which means that the wild animals come inside the lodge which means it is unsuitable for small children under the age of seven, but this adds immeasurably to the visitors Kenya Safari Experience.

When you take a safari, any safari, never mind a Kenya safari holiday, your choice of accommodation is of the utmost importance. It needs to be very close to water to give you great views of the game in the area when they come to drink. It is also important that there is a good variety of game to view. The food should also be of high quality, and it is a bonus if there is a swimming pool to relax in after game drives. The accommodation needs to be comfortable and relaxing, and of high quality, and the game drives escorted by accomplished guides and trackers, so you can see what you want, and not what they want.

Leopard Rock Lodge scores on all these counts. It is exclusive and overlooks a river which plays host to hippos and crocodiles, many species of birds, and is visited by a great deal of wildlife that comes to drink. Leopard Rock Lodge is one of the best Kenya Safari Lodges because of the accommodation which consists of fifteen luxury cottage suites with private terrace overlooking the river and the bush, with two bathrooms and beautifully furnished in African style.

10 of the cottages are luxurious suites which included honeymoon cottages, and 5 are family cottages, all with natural ventilation. The glamorous open restaurant offers fine cuisine and wines, where formal dress is requested for dinner, which creates an atmosphere of Edwardian splendor. Once a week there is an African Open Air Kitchen Dining Experience which is not to be missed

There is even a swimming pool with a bar at the center of the pool, where you can watch the crocodiles basking on the river bank, and there is even viewing glass in the pool so you can look at them below you in the pool as you swim, which is very weird!! There is a jacuzzi room, where you can get massages.

The activities available includes:

Daily Game Drives with knowledgeable trackers and guides in specially designed 4×4 Land Cruiser. Before your early morning drive, tea will be brought to your room.

Night drives

Visit the Rhino Sanctuary

See the grave of Elsa the lioness

Go to the swamps or Bisandi Reserve, or Kora National Park

Bird watching with a naturalist, which is perfect for any ornithologists

Going on guided nature walks

Treks along the river to view the Hippo Pool which is located inside the lodge which has a huge river frontage

Fishing under professional guidance and tuition on the river

Camel walking Expeditions

In addition you can organise a bush breakfast in the wilderness, sundowners, picnic at Tana River Adamson’s falls.

There is no lack of things to do and see in Meru, and all done from the luxury of Leopard Rock Lodge and done in some style, making this possibly the best in Kenya safari holiday you could possibly have.

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