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Chobe Chilwero Lodge In Botswana

Chobe Chilwero Lodge is deep in the heart of the wilderness in Botswana, and would make a great choice for a Botswana Honeymoon. It’s not only for honeymooners, and it is a must visit on any Botswana Holiday Safari Lodge. Many knowledgeable people regard Chobe

Experience A Botswana Safari

One of the few unspoilt wildernesses left in the world, Botswana is a great place to go on Safari. Safaris make up one of the largest parts of Botswana’s tourist trade, and they can proudly boast that they have some of the best quality safari

Botswana Safari: The Haven Of Wildlife Sanctuaries

Vast lands…wildlife…well, anyone may have those two in Africa but not definitely like the experience that may be had from Botswana Safaris. This vast piece of land is only one of the few where wildlife need not compete for land and resources with man. The

Botswana Emerges as an Up Market Safari Destination

Botswana is a country of seemingly endless open spaces. Though it occupies an area the size of France, the human population is only 1.6 million. This is one country where wildlife does not face stiff competition for land resources from man. As a result the