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The Nile Cruise: In The Footsteps Of The Pharaohs

Egypt is where history first emerged. It is here that we have the first pictographic record of events and persons. Hieroglyphics, the system of writing used by ancient Egyptians can be traced back to about 3200 BC. At about 3180 BC, the nations of Upper

Is Egypt A Destination You Can Visit On A Budget ?

Lets face it, some countries are expensive, some are very cheap and others are somewhere in between. The burning question if you are thinking of visiting Egypt is can Egypt be visited on a budget ? Stuart Cheese, the UK Director of Operations for One

Seeing the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt in Cairo

Seeing the Great Pyramids, one of the ancient wonders of the world, is a once in a lifetime trip for many people. Because of the travel distances involved for most tourists who go to Egypt, advance planning is definitely required. In many cases, a visa

How To Travel By Bus From Arusha To Dar Es Salaam

The quickest and easiest way to travel from Arusha to Dar es Salaam is by air, though it is expensive and your time in Tanzania should not be ruled by time. Traveling by bus you are experiencing Tanzania, both its people and its landscape. The

What to see in Egypt

If you are planning a trip to Egypt, as the UK Director of operations for One World Tours in the UK, here’s my top ten list of places to go and things to see and do in Egypt… 1. The pyramids at Giza. This may