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A Top Kenya Safari Lodge In Meru National Park

As a Top Kenya Safari Lodge to stay in on your in Kenya Safari you need look no further than Leopard Rock Lodge in the Meru National Park, one of the last great wilderness places in Kenya. This is a Park you can’t afford to

Travel To Kenya: An African Adventure

Kenya is a part of the vast continent of Africa and yet it can provide you with an experience that is out of Africa. A Kenyan Safari is something that everyone visiting Africa should go for. The beaches of Kenya are untouched and unexplored. There

Kenya Safari !

I’ve toured 9 countries in Africa but something always draws me back to Kenya. It is the core soul and heartbeat of the continent. My past clients were profoundly satisfied classifying it “best vacation ever.” This time with the addition of a visit to Jane

Alfajiri Villa Resort Mombasa, Kenya

Alfajiri Villas was once described to me as decadence bordering on insanity, and they are probably right. Just imagine three villas, one sleeps four, the next one six, and the third one eight, and the last one is totally private!! In fact you can rent

A Kenya Safari Holiday In Bateleur Camp In The Masai Mara

A Kenya Safari Holiday taking in the Masai Mara, and wanting to see as much wildlife as possible, must include the top class Bateleur Camp at Kichwa Tembo, and here is why it should be a compulsory part of your luxury African safari. Firstly if