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All Inclusive Luxury In Mauritius

The Shandrani Hotel in Mauritius is one of the only fully all inclusive luxury hotels in Mauritius. The superb accommodation, restaurants and facilities ensure that whatever you are looking for in a holiday will be met and indeed exceeded. The uniqueness of the Shandrani All

Mauritius: A Picture Perfect Beach Destination

Arab traders discovered the then uninhabited Mauritius island in the 10th century. But they were not charmed sufficiently to consider permanent settlement. The Portuguese early in the sixteenth century landed, but they too passed over the chance to lay claim for their king. But in

Island Relaxation In Mauritius

Clear luminous aqua waters and white sands, Mauritius is a real haven of tranquility in the sun. Situated in the South West Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius is surrounded by coral reefs and is composed of a central plateau with some breathtaking mountain scenery.