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Activities You Shouldn’t Miss Out on in Morocco

Morocco is known for its warm welcoming weather, glistening golden beaches, and for its amazing variety of accommodation options that provide travellers with a luxurious place to rest their head every night after a long day of sight seeing, adventure and excitement. Known for its

Morocco Vacations

Morocco is a place where sand embraces the sea and snow. The charismatic beauty of the place is such that it lures visitors from around the world. The southern coast of Morocco converges in the Western Sahara whereas its northern sides are enveloped by the

The Essence of Marrakech, Morocco

Only a few hours from Europe is a place where you will marvel at the sights and sounds of a distant land. Boasting a rich history, exotic adventures, open-air bazaars, and an incredible mix of cultures, Marrakech will inevitably seduce each of your senses in

Morocco: The Most Fascinating Country

At a crossroads between two continents and two cultures, Morocco reveals itself to artists as an artistic or personal experience conducive to introspection. During one of his travels Jacques Majorelle wrote, “There are scenes of such realism that one forgets one’s time and let’s oneself

Five Fun Things To Do Inside A Fez Hotel

The medieval city of Fez in Morocco has sights and sounds that can really cure that sickness most active travelers dread about boredom. If the weather is fine and your mood is up for some real adventures, then get out of your Fez hotel room