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Discover Secret Cyprus

Discover Secret Cyprus and experience real Cyprus living in the villages ! When most people think of Cyprus, they think of sand, sea, boat trips, cocktail bars and a confusing mix of restaurants. This is not a bad thing and is definitely what a lot

Paphos : Cyprus’s Favorite Town

When you think of Cyprus, usually one of the first places that pops into your head is Paphos. It is by far Cyprus’s most popular tourist destination and looking back on its history it is not hard to see why. This article is about Paphos

The Wonderful Food Of Cyprus

As is apt for its multicultural heritage, Cyprus boasts cuisine to make your mouth water. From Armenians and Syrians to their Greek and Persian rulers, Cyprus has retained a part of each; even the Lebanese, French, Italian and British influences are not lost upon the

Cyprus Night Life: Fun For Everyone

The perfect way to end the day spent rambling around the ruins of ancient monuments in North Cyprus is watching the sun set over Aphrodite’s Rock. That done it’s time to get a taste of the pulsating night life in Cyprus. With more than 20

Paphos in Cyprus: Top 5 Places to Visit

Top 5 places to visit when staying in Paphos, Cyprus on your off season holidays. A mixture of history and pure leisure pleasure. Places normally too hot and busy to visit in the summer heat open themselves up at these perfect times of the year.