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Fano: A Dream of a Holiday Destination

You stand on the beach on Fano Island with your back to the sand-dunes looking out towards the North Sea and you wonder if what you’re seeing is real. The beach is so wide you cannot guess how far it is to the sea. You

Denmark Vacations

Visiting a foreign country overseas can be exciting and even a little intimidating. The unfamiliar can be both a great adventure and a potential disaster. Here are a few places of interest and trusted lodging places recommended by other travelers. Staying in Friendly Copenhagen Copenhagen

Denmark: Copenhagen, Helsingor and Beverages

Denmark is one of the hippest countries in Europe. Copenhagen is the center of activity with a lively evening scene, palaces and castles. If you’ve traveled to Denmark, you’ll understand when I immediately bring up the subject of bars. The Danish like to toss back

Copenhagen: Ice Rinks and Danish Elephants

On my first visit to Denmark, I fell in love with the country and the city of Copenhagen. Contrary to my guidebook, you could see elephants and experience ice hockey in the dead of summer. The Hanson Brothers Upon arriving in Copenhagen, I was burned

Cheap Holidays To Denmark

When you plan your cheap holidays to Denmark, you may consider Copenhagen as the place to stay and so some sightseeing as well as some fun activities. One place everyone enjoys seeing when visiting is Tivoli. You will see that is a small attraction park,