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Castles Along The Rhine

The Rhine River is one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions. This famous river has been at the heart of German history for centuries, dating back to at least Roman times. In fact the river marked the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire. Julius Caesar

Alpirsbach Monastery: Medieval Sandstone Island

Attracting droves of tourists every year, Europe promises the ancient, the diverse, and the completely fascinating. Most travelers scurry past the major sites and cram in as much as possible in order to get through a list of ‘must sees.’ Unfortunately, much is overlooked due

What To See And Do In And Around Munich

Munich is a relaxed city, with fantastic art and culture, and great beer! Go to the Bavarian State Opera for a performance, visit the museums, relax in the park, and enjoy the local food and drink specialties in a bar, cafe or restaurant! Munich is

Visiting Germany

Choosing to visit Germany can be an educational and historically enriching experience for the whole family. Four must see cities in Germany are Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg. Stopping in Berlin A famous Berlin landmark is the Berlin Wall. This stop will provide for an

Traveling In Germany

The distinct prestige and popularity that Germany enjoys as a prime destination for vacationers makes it a distinctly friendly country to enjoy relatively hassle-free in-country travel options. Traveling through Germany’s breathtaking country sides, unique cityscapes, and along its inspiring coast lines in a memorable experience