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Lignano Sabbiadoro: Not Just “Holidays”

As time has gone by, the idea of holiday has undergone deep changes depending on the fast development of our modern lifestyles. Lignano Sabbiadoro bloomed in the Sixties and Seventies as a seaside resort and it was then considered to be among the most exclusive

Florence Beauty Redux

Most people just live where they were born, as if their native cities were timeless…that was my case, until 2 years ago (I’m just 27, better late than never…), when I began discovering even Florence once was a child, and rose under precise social and

Patrick Rafting Center Leisure – Training – Education in Italy

Patrick Rafting Center by Patrick Carafa Group.Mission. LEISURE – TRAINING – EDUCATION “Patrick Rafting Center” is a sports project of Patrick Carafa Group dedicated to the promotion of water activities. The guides and instructors of Rafting Center “Patrick Rafting” engage in different sports: Rafting, Kayaking

Choose your restaurant in Rome: IL SECCHIO

Choosing a restaurant in Rome can be not so easy, filled as the Eternal City is with hundreds of excellent places. The good news is that it’s rare to get bad food. The even better news is that we’ve narrowed down your choices. Our restaurant

There’s No Place like Rome

Rome is a city that requires no introduction. The name alone invokes images of leaf-crowned emperors, mythical gods and majestic architecture. Travel in Rome is an enveloping task as Rome is one of the largest and oldest cities in Western Europe, with every corner marked