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Croatia – The Country Of A Thousand Islands

Situated on the Adriatic coast is a small and beautiful country called Croatia. Famous for its sprawling Yacht industry, the place is growing as a tourist destination. Croatia has everything on offer for the average tourist. Nature lover, adventure seeker, History enthusiast or shopping lover,

Cracow’s Hot June Festivals

There is a quite interesting list of things to do, see and live while you’re there. In June there are some interesting events that can be worth a visit to the city of Krakow (Cracow). The Jewish population of Poland was cruelly squashed by the

Athens Could Be The Best Vacation You’ll Ever Take!

Quick Tips/Suggestions: If you’re going to enjoy yourself in Athens, you better get in shape and bring comfortable walking shoes and plenty of water. Most of the famous sites in the city require either walking uphill, or walking along a stony path. And beware of

Bruges Tourist Information

General summary of city: Bruges, Belgium, from the Norse word ‘Bryggja’ meaning “mooring place,” is one of the three regions and the capital of Flanders. Bruges has a population of over 100,000 and covers an area of approximately 138 km. This historic city, with its

10 Must-Dos When In Bruges

A timeless spectacle, Bruges is a charming city full of medieval flavour. Its architectural treasures lure the eye, revealing a city of rich history. Serene canals and tight cobbled streets seize your imagination, enticing you to explore more and more. 1. Markt Square Watch the