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Romania Travel Guide

A place that has seen political turmoil to the hardest extent but has stood the test of time. A place where mysteries unfold around every corner. Where the nature has bestowed its greatest gifts. Welcome to Romania. Until the modern history was being written Romania

Romania: Bucharest, Dracula and Transylvania

Mention Romania and people immediately think of Dracula and a mid-evil country. Recovering from years of economic misery, Romania is quickly becoming the hidden jewel of Eastern Europe. Dracula v. Ceausescu In pop culture, Romania is always equated with Count Dracula, Bran Castle and Transylvania.

Why Romania is a Holiday Must This Summer

Planning a vacation? Well Romania is “the” place to be…it is the most diverse country in terms of climate, terrain, flora and fauna; snow capped mountains and a sultry coastline- you can ski on snow or on water! It is located in southeastern Europe. Romania