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The Province Of Ontario

The name Ontario is said to come from the Iroquoian (first nation) word meaning “vast body of water”. It is the second largest Province in Canada, spanning approximately one million square kilometers. It stretches all the way from the Great Lakes to the frozen shores

The Province Of Alberta

The Province of Alberta is approximately 255,200 square miles in size and boasts incredible scenery and abundant natural resources. It is situated between the provinces of Saskatchewan to the East and British Columbia to the west, with Northwest Territories to the North and the state

Toronto’s Distillery District

As a European immigrant, historical districts always hold a great fascination to me. Over the last few years, Toronto has been enriched by the revitalization of an entire district: the Distillery District, a complex of 13 acres composed of 44 buildings, made a stunning transformation

Vancouver: Gastown And My Final Explorations

After my extremely interesting walking tour of the Downtown East Side I decided to round out my exploration of the city with another bicycling trip. In my mind, bicycling is just the perfect way to discover a city, it gives you greater range than walking,

Vancouver: Wheeling Around Stanley Park

Stanley Park is Vancouver’s famous urban paradise and I knew weeks in advance that I would need to explore it in detail, preferably on a bike. So this afternoon at about 1:30 pm I set off from the UBC Campus, and navigated my way downtown