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A Different South Pacific Island For Your Romantic Getaway

A South Pacific Vacation makes you think of Fiji, French Polynesia, Tahiti, but not perhaps Lord Howe Island. Yet Lord Howe Island could be just the perfect South Pacific Island vacation destination, a real romantic getaway, and yet easily accessible from the eastern seaboard of

Whitsundays: Islands In The Sun

The Whitsunday islands lie in the coral sea midway along the Queensland coast. A group of over seventy islands make up the archipelago of treed islands and soft sandy beaches. The protected waters around the islands provide a haven for boaties. Be the captain of

Beat The Heat In Australia!

“Fine beaches, perfect weather, good people, and a more secure traveling experience”. If you are looking for all these conveniences and excitement, let Australia handle that for you. Perk up your traveling experience in the sixth largest country in the world, twice as large as

The Australian Museum

The oldest museum in Australia, and one of the most highly respected natural history and anthropological institutions in the world, the Australian Museum has exhibits to appeal to the future Nobel Prize candidates in several fields of natural science. Its paleontology, anthropology, mineralogy, and zoology

A Great Barrier Reef Vacation On Heron Island

A Great Barrier Reef Vacation on Heron Island is a unique experience. Heron Island is a small coral cay right on the Great Barrier Reef Australia, where you can snorkel straight off the beach amidst teeming marine life on an endless multicoloured coral reef. It