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A Great Barrier Reef Vacation On Heron Island

A Great Barrier Reef Vacation on Heron Island is a unique experience. Heron Island is a small coral cay right on the Great Barrier Reef Australia, where you can snorkel straight off the beach amidst teeming marine life on an endless multicoloured coral reef. It

Accommodation Styles For Australia Travel

When tourists plan for vacations in Australia, a great deal of thought will be given as to the types of lodging that will be available in the places that they want to visit. For those travelers who are there for an extended stay and choose

Samoa: A South Pacific Paradise

Have you ever thought about what life could be like on an island? Do you dream of a South Pacific island paradise experience? Read on and discover the beauty and charm of Samoa. Located in the heart of the pacific, Samoa is a group of

Samoa, Heart of Polynesia

The islands of Samoa are emerging as an exciting new South Pacific travel destination between Hawaii and New Zealand. This “Heart of Polynesia” is politically split into two distinct entities 80 miles apart. The country Samoa is a former German colony, captured by New Zealand

Explore New Zealand’s Diverse Culture

The diverse culture of New Zealand carries much tradition and history built on the customs of the indigenous people known as the Maori. Legend holds that the Maori traveled by canoe from their mythical ancestral island of Hawaiki over 1,000 years ago. These Polynesian settlers