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The Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Corbin, Kentucky

Close your eyes and imagine a waterfall pouring over the edge and falling with crashes and splashes into a gorge littered with large boulders. Then, feel the mist from the falls blowing through the breeze and kissing your face. What you are imagining is known

Horses And Baseball In Kentucky

Kentucky is a state of natural wonders that also have two large cities with Lexington and Louisville. Both these cities offer excellent history and heritage. Throughout Kentucky there are three things you will run into: mansions, historic sites and horse farms of legendary proportions. Visitors

Louisville Waterfront Park In Kentucky

The Louisville Waterfront Park in Kentucky is a beautiful patch of green in a very urban atmosphere. The park is located in an area where there are a lot of scrap yards, sand and gravel plants, old rail beds, petroleum and asphalt terminals, and an