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Southern Maine Coast Vacation Rentals

There’s a reason Maine’s license plate says “Vacationland.” If you want to get away from it all for a little while, this is the state for you. Maine has mountains, lakes, forests, rivers, and beaches. The diversity of that environment means you can ski, fish,

Fall Foliage Scenic Drive in Maine

Fall foliage scenic drives in Maine are varied and include coastal drives around Acadia National Park and the rocky coastline of upper Northern Maine to Baxter State park region, to some of the larger lakes in the state. Many of the scenic drives emphasize the

Excellent Ocean Activities In Maine

Maine is known for its coastline. You can enjoy seafood at Boothbay Harbor while watching the various lobster boats and schooners sail past. As you drive along the Maine coast you will see many different lighthouses and old forts. A number of charming and elegant

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Maine

There are all kinds of vacation activities in Maine, but one of the best and most unique is taking a hot air balloon ride for an aerial tour of the area. The best place to take a hot air balloon ride is in Kennebunkport, Maine.