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Spruce Goose Museum In Mcminnville, Oregon

The Spruce Goose is the name commonly given to the US Hughes H-4 Hercules, an aircraft designed and built by the Hughes Aircraft company that was the largest flying boat, and one of the largest aircraft, ever built. The Spruce Goose is the world’s largest

On Oregon’s Coast: Lewis & Clark and the Holidays

Sometimes, the best holiday celebrations aren’t the most famous or obvious ones. This is especially true on Oregon’s coast, where one big secret is that this time of year doesn’t just mean the area’s notoriously stormy and wild weather, but that it has many days

The Timberline Lodge Ski Vacations at Oregon

The Timberline lodge is entirely hand made, and well preserved. The hand woven draperies and the hand hewn beams add to the rustic charm and history of the place. The lodge sits in the middle of 1400 acres consisting of 35 trails. The trails are

Timberline Lodge In Oregon

When skiers think great slopes, they think Oregon. And when skiers want a great place to stay while skiing in Oregon, they choose the Timberline Lodge. Timberline Lodge is more than a great place to ski; it’s a lodge with history. A master craftsman built

The Beauty Of Oregon

Have you ever wanted to be in a place where you can be in the ocean and near the woods at the same time? The kind of climate that you can have a rainy day and then a sunny day – a cold day and