An Overview Of Cary, NC: A Great Place To Live

Cary is a city in North Carolina that has proved its worth among residents and the media as a whole. There is not much bad that can be said of Cary. Currently they have ranked among the 10 safest large cities around the United States. This comes as no surprise considering where Cary is located.

Cary is located near “The Triangle” area of North Carolina. This area is known throughout the country as one of the safest and best places to live in the country. People come from all over to get work and end up staying for life. It is a great retirement area but still has a lot of younger couples because of all the great places to work located in the triangle.

The city of Cary is also very close to a lot of the major universities around North Carolina. Being only about only 20 minutes from Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of North Carolina helps attract people to move to Cary. The proximity to such great schools means people can grow up, go to school, and stay in place for life if they want. This also means people can easily make games to support their home teams!

When you take a drive through Cary you will also notice the amount of trees and wildlife along the streets. The city has taken it upon itself to help take care of wildlife throughout the city. This is great because it keeps Cary looking good and helps add a little character to the landscape of the city.

With all this being said it would be hard to beat moving to a city such as Cary. With the great schools, housing, and work that is located in and around the city you can easily get everything you need in one spot. This makes it the perfect place to start or raise a family.

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